Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Carrot Cake - the best!

I'm telling you. I'm definitely not a master chef :) But sometimes I can bake something nice :)
Receipt for carrot cake I have from my sister . Checked many times and it's delicious! Not very complicated. It's take time but it's worth of it. You can't buy at shops one like this. So don't wait lets
get do it!

2 eggs
200g sugar
150ml oil
2 or 3 carrots
200g flour
1/2 spoon baking powder
1 spoon soda
1 spoon cinnamon

Philadelphia cream  cheese
50g butt
100g iceing sugar

Mix eggs with sugar till it's gonna be smooth. Still mixing add slowly oil. Add carrots and mix slowly. The add flour, cinnamon, soda and baking powder and mix it all with the rest of ingredients. Preheat oven up to 150 C degrees . Put cake in round baking trey. Oh and don't forget to put baking  paper on the bottom of the trey. Bake it for about 1 hour.
To make iceing mix Philadelphia chees with butter till it's smooth then add iceing sugar , mix it and spread on your cake when it will be ready.
Delicious and healthy pudding:)
Bon appetite!

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